Sanders|Douglas Mediation Services can be used for literally any kind of dispute and there is no need to wait until a dispute results in a lawsuit and is ordered to mediation by a judge. Pre-suit mediation is becoming more widely accepted as a sensible way of resolving disputes before they turn into litigation, especially when the parties are motivated to resolve their dispute without the extra incentive created by a lawsuit. Besides being confidential and non-binding, mediation is relatively quick and inexpensive when compared to actually litigating a dispute.

What is mediation?  Mediation is a confidential procedure where the parties that have a dispute meet with an agreed upon neutral third party called a "Mediator." While the Mediator does not decide who is right and cannot force either side to reach a resolution, she/he will talk to each party separately and help them understand the strengths and weaknesses of their position. After hearing all sides of the dispute, the Mediator may make a recommendation or suggestion to help the parties find middle ground. The parties have complete control to decide if they want to resolve their dispute in this forum or go forward in litigation.







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