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The United Nations International Court of Justice, sometimes referred to as the World Court, has headquarters in the Peace Palace of The Hague, Netherlands. Established in 1945, the court addresses international disputes and provides advisory opinions on legal questions arising under international law.



Sanders Douglas Associates International includes collections which are comprised of collection companies and Attorney firms located in over fifty countries worldwide. An advantage to credit grantors is that debts can be recovered from virtually any part of the world, an important advantage in this day of high mobility and global economy.
The growth of international business to its many forms and the resultant concern of business, government and society as to how best to deal with phenomenon have caused concern to both the private and public sector.

Inasmuch as international business operates within the broad context of the world environment, it must, of necessity, draw on the contribution of a number of basic disciplines, including geography, history, politics, law and economies.

Major differences between domestic and international businesses are centered primarily in the areas of currency, credit inflation, taxation and government restrictions. In recent years there have been a number of international accords and agreements giving consistency and uniformity to assure the flow of goods and services internationally.

As an example, the International Air Transportation Association, who not only sets rates and frequencies between ports, also are utilized for investigation of various shipping and transportation issues and giving assistance to locate debtors or solve problems in conjunction with other agencies.

The following important economic characteristics mst be analyzed and accounted for to contribute to success in the international arena:

  • General Economic framework
  • Governmental monetary and fiscal policy
  • Economic stability - Cyclical fluctuations, growth, inflation
  • Factor endowment, labor and capital
  • Balance of payment positions and stability of exchange rates

Our clients should be advised that Sanders|Douglas is current on the following inquiries issues, crucial to affect collection:

  • What is the political structure of the country and the interaction of the treaties between the United States and the particular country where the debtor is located?
  • Under what type of economic systems does the country operate so we can be successful in our collections?
  • In what ways does the government control private enterprises', currency movement, exchange rates and policies, etc?


Performing INTERNATIONAL COLLECTIONS requires the examination and knowledge about the country where the debtor operates and knowing where to go for authoritative assistance in filling and requesting judicial assistance from the country's government and court system.

There are many means available to obtaining evidence through this discovery process.

Other areas and collection procedures include and are not limited to the following:

  • Examination of Treaties
  • Hague service convention abroad of judicial and extra judicial documents in civil/commercial matters for judicial enforcement of international debt collections.
  • Foreign assistance to United States courts or litigation in absence of a convention or treaty
  • Government influence on trade and policies.
  • Import requirements on how to do business with boycotting countries.
  • Import/Export Regulations & Controls.
  • Forwarding Agents and Export Agents required accepting Service of Process for Debtor Company.
  • Obtaining Default Judgments in Federal Court ($50k minimum).
  • Consultants to our clients entering into international business on business transactions, finance and taxation.





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